Meet The Designer


Julie has a passion for creating outstanding, stylish and unique cakes and a natural artistic flair. This shines through in every bespoke cake that she creates. Julie has a real sense of energy and enthusiasm and will take any idea that you have for a cake and use her experience and skill to come up with a bespoke design and turn your idea in to an extraordinary, edible creation.





My Philosophy And Values On Cakes

Hi, my name is Julie and I am self taught in the art of sugarcraft and I take pride in every design that I create. Cake decorating is a passion and a way of life for me and I guarantee that this will show in every baked masterpeice. I always give every cake that extra personal touch to compliment your chosen ideas. I will offer my experience with wedding cakes to co-ordinate with your chosen colour scheme and/or theme. I get very excited at new challenges, especially when I see the final display.

I have been baking and designing cakes for friends, friends of friends & family for over 20 years & in January 2011 I made the decision to open Cake Temptations and I am extremely happy to say that my work is greatly appreciated. For this I am truly thankful to all of our customers.

Cake Temptations Does Not Use Processed Cakes Or Mix 

Having been lucky enough to have travelled around France & Italy and having a passion for food in general, I've always taken the time to look at some of the restaurants, bakeries & patisseries and have always been impressed by the slower way of life, slower way of baking and the true authentic ingredients that they use. The locals in these countries would also never settle for anything less. This has made me extremely determined to never mass produce any of our products. You would be shocked at the preservatives, E numbers etc that you will find in supermarket cakes.

I also guarantee that none of my cakes will be baked & then frozen (this is common practise in the U.K) as all my cakes are freshly baked to order. This obviously affects how many cakes I can bake each week ensuring that my integrity and  beliefs will always come first - and this is my promise to you.