The worlds worst diet

I recently watched a great television programme on chanel 4 called The Worlds Best Diet & I thought straight away that this should be shown in every school to educate our children on the dangers of eating the wrong foods. Out of 50 countries ( number 50 being the worst ) England was ranked 34 - most of us would think that how can a well educated rich country like England be this bad? According to the programme, the answer is to be found in our bad eating habits & unatural processed foods. And after a little research we found that what we actually eat is depressing & worrying. I must add that I do feel very passionate about this issue as I have 3 children & 2 grandchildren to worry about. The processed foods that we as a country eat is very disturbing.


Concidering that Iceland has suffered one of the worst economic melt downs, this is very impressive. They have also been ranked as a very happy nation, just show's that money isnt everything. I've been to Iceland myself & I must say that it is a gorgeous country with wonderful friendly people ( they even provide free coffee in the supermarket hehe ) The breakfast that the hotel provided was fantastic & very healthy ( porridge etc )    According to chanel 4's researcher some of the reasons that Iceland was so healthy is their consumption of natural foods. They eat next to no processed foods combined with lots of fish & fibre.

A farmer from Iceland actually stated that '' our foods don't come from industrial farms, it comes from natural farms''

Me in Iceland last year...


This is a recent picture that I took at a popular supermarket of the ingredients of one of their childrens designed cakes. You will notice that one of the ingredients is Mono - and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids.

Monoglycerides and diglyerides are food additives commonly used to combine ingredients containing fats with those of water, two types of ingredients that don't ordinarily combine well. Food manafacturers typically use them to extentd the products shelf life. Made in part of fatty acids, they are similar to triglycerides, the predominant fat in food according to Harvard School Of Public Health.


Trans fats have been associated with increased risk of numerous diseases, including heart disease, stroke & diabetes ( an increased problem in the U.K ) They promote inflammation & obesity, raise LDL, or bad bad cholesterol levels & lower good cholesterol levels. Made up in part of fatty acids, mono - and diglycerides may contain trans fats, either when manufactured in a lab or if they come from an animal or vegetable source, when exposed to heat for processed into packaged & prepared foods.


Can cause allergic reactions, nausea, diarrea and DNA damage.


Can cause heart disease, gout, elevated blood pressure, obesity, type 2 diabetes.



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